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Reincarnation, Race Memory and DNA It all bears investigation.

Reincarnation, Race Memory and DNA
by Saṃsāran 
Only 3% of the data in human DNA is used to build our incredibly complex bodies and brain.
Maybe another 10% of this information is genetic modules.
the other 87% is unaccounted for.   Think about it if the code for our entire body is in 3% of that code what fantastic amount of data can 87% represent?
Epigenetics has shown that real life information i.e. memory can be coded into the helix
We know that real world maps are encoded in the brains of migrating animals which could only happen if there were a mechanism to write code into the strand.
There are many cases of people have uncanny abilities which manifest themselves after an injury such as the ability to play a musical instrument, speak a foreign language or know their way around a city they have never visited.
Many societies from the ancient Greeks, Hindu, Australian Aborigines and some Native American tribes recognize the idea of reincarnation simply because so much real world experience points to a continuation of some part of who we are. They didn’t know about DNA so attributed it to the transmigration of “souls”.
This leads me to the idea that we contain real world memories of our ancestors which are “race memory”. This information, like dream memories, are not part of our waking awareness simply because it would be confusing if we could not distinguish present memory with dreams or past memory.  This memory is available to us in our unconscious state which is why we can access it in our dreams or in meditation.  Occasionally people can recall portions of this memory in their waking state either just naturally or after a brain or nervous system injury.
It all bears investigation.